What is CPA Marketing?

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA affiliate marketing is fast becoming my most popular form of online marketing available. In effect, it is extremely simple to understand and to use. CPA essentially stands for “Cost-Per-Acquisition”, or “Cost-Per-Action”. The definition gives it all away. Affiliates will be paid a certain figure based on each person that they manage to persuade to do a certain action. This could be one of one hundred different things, such as completing a survey, filling out a questionnaire, or using a 1 month offer of some kind. The opportunities are literally never ending.

The great thing about CPA affiliate marketing is that leads make money, not just sales. Other forms of affiliate marketing need to ensure that the consumer or web visitor actually goes the long haul and completes a sale. It might be that they would have tried an offer, but instead, they decided this product was not for them. If there was a CPA opportunity to give people the opportunity to test a product, they may very well take it. In the process the affiliate will have provided the company with a “lead” and therefore, would get paid for it.

Essentially, CPA affiliate marketing is suitable for the majority of people that own their own website. Of course, earnings will depend on a range of different things. For instance, the quality and topic of the website will have a lot to do with the quality of the traffic. For instance, the finance niche pays extremely high, which means someone with 1,000 unique visitors per month to a finance website, may earn more as a CPA affiliate than someone that gets 10,000 unique visitors per month to a website about pets. The reality is that some niches simply pay more than others, depending on the products and services that are related to that industry.

So why is CPA affiliate marketing so easy? The reality is that CPA affiliate marketing does not require the individual to make a purchase for the majority of the lead generators that they use. At the very most, the individual is likely to need to put in their address and maybe their card details to take a $1 refundable deposit (which basically ensures that they are committed to the offer). With the outlay/effort being so low for the consumer, this risk: reward ratio is extremely high, so they would be almost stupid not to get involved.

What is your favorite CPA product?

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