Templatemonster Affiliate Review

Template Monster happens to be one of the more popular template selling websites currently on the internet. In addition to being one of the most popular template selling websites, they also have a really good affiliate program too. Although there are a lot of webmasters that like the program and heavily promote it, making the market somewhat saturated, the rates and features of the program make it one of the best choices for someone looking to create a passive stream of income.

One of the best features of the affiliate program is the commission that they pay out to affiliates, which is a very high 20%. Template Monster also allows affiliates the option of lowering the price of their own templates, having the remainder come out of the affiliate’s commission. So for example, an affiliate could sell a template off of Template Monster for 10% off, and receive a commission of 10% on the sale. Another great feature of their affiliate program is that members receive 20% off of all the offered templates on the website.

In regards to implantation tools, many affiliate marketers rank Amazon’s tools as the best in the industry, but Template Monster’s tools should also be considered in the top five at least. Not only do they have the standard advertising banners and links, but they also have very efficient and functional tools for creating an interactive sort of data feed website that displays their entire inventory of templates, almost akin to Amazon’s “Recommends” links. If these options sound a little too technical or hard, don’t worry, they also have ready-made shops for affiliates too. All you essentially have to do with these is upload them and your are ready to start earning.

A couple of years ago I actually created a data feed style website using the Template Monster tool. Using nothing but the most standard of marketing methods, I managed to make about $350 per year in passive income. While this may not seem like a lot of money, consider that all of the work that went into the creation process only took about four hours in total. That being said, those who want to be most successful with the Template Monster Affiliate Program should look into advertising on webmaster associated websites.

One of the only negative aspects of the Template Monster affiliate program is that they don’t payout through PayPal. Alternatively, they offer their payment through direct deposit and wire transfer, check, and MoneyBookers. This is still only a small issue in the end, and their affiliate program is highly recommended to anyone looking to get into selling templates. In the end, there are much more reasons to join than there are reasons not to. Registration is free, commission is 20%, all templates have excellent market value, you can sell their templates under your own brand, and their minimum payout is only $100. All of these reasons make the Template Monster affiliate program one of the better ones to join for marketers looking to create a good stream of passive/active income.

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