Lunarpages sucks

Lunarpages sucks

Lunarpages was my first paid hosting company, and I chose them based on the positive reviews, that I found on the internet. I always read reviews, before buying something. The customer support was one strong point of Lunarpages, however this was about 5 years ago.

I really have to say that since then a lot has changed. I got my account suspended twice and once this suspension took one week. Just think about how much money you could lose (or not earn) if your website is down for a week. The reason was high CPU load and the fact that the technical support at Lunarpages sucks. They are helpful and everything, but they reply soooooo sloooow.

Later I dediced to go with a VPS hosting on Knownhost and I moved most of my sites there. When I started this blog, for some reason, I decided to host it on my old hosting account at Lunarpages. I didn’t want to host all my sites on Knownhost – remember: never put your eggs in one basket.

Yesterday my blog was not working and Lunarpages phoned me. They told me that the site is consuming too many resources and I had to fix it somehow and they had disabled my index.php file. I replied them that I need the index.php file enabled to fix the problem. After seeing a stupid, non-issue related reply and then no reply for 24h I decided to move my site to Hostgator.

My question is: how can a one month old website with almost no plugins and less then 100 visitors consume that much? If lunarpages cannot handle this then GOODBYE. I will never renew my account on Lunarpages again, because they suck, the technical support is way too slow and they always try to get you to pay for their VPS.

The best alternative: HOSTGATOR – they are cheap and simply the best. The most important thing is that they have live support, so you can fix every issue within minutes. I’ve been using them for 3 years and I am really satisfied.

What hosting company do you use?


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