Linkshare review

LinkShare Corporation was founded in 1996 by Stephen and Heidi Messer. It is known as being one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in existence, with their main offices in New York City, and offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo, and London. Some of the most prominent  Fortune 500 companies in the world make use of the LinkShare affiliate network, including American Express, Avon, J.C. Penney, Disney, and others. This LinkShare affiliate network review will go in-depth into why the company has emerged as one of the leaders in the industry.

Advanced technological innovations in addition to outstanding online services are what gives LinkShare the edge over other affiliate networks. The company prides itself in providing a complete offering of internet marketing services to its clients. Services such as lead generation and SEM are offered to numerous businesses in the ecommerce industry. Advertisers can make use of all of the excellent performance marketing technologies and networking capabilities to increase their number of online sales. Other services that are provided by the company that are excellent for online marketers are their LinkShare Lead Advantage, LinkShare Search Advantage, and Media Tracking programs. It’s because of these reasons that LinkShare can boast a network of over 10 million affiliates, and have a sustained level of success and profitability.

One of the newer additions to the LinkShare network is their “Flex Links” service. What this service does is essentially give publishers and online advertisers the ability to work together. By tracking collected revenue through content as well as developing product information using flash and video, this is one of the most innovative features that LinkShare offers. Other important features that are offered by LinkShare are their Contextual Product Ads and Easy Links. By making use of these advanced technologies, businesses are given the opportunity to increase their conversion rates, which in the end leads to greater total revenue. LinkShare also has another cool feature that some other networks don’t have, and this is their Golden Links Awards. These are awards that are given out by the LinkShare corporation to advertisers and publishers who are chosen by the E-commerce council.

Because LinkShare offers so many different brands and products to promote, finding a good offer for your particular niche shouldn’t be difficult at all. If you are an internet marketer looking to advertise larger name products or brands, than LinkShare is a good choice for you. However, it is important to keep in mind that stretching yourself too thin will mean less positive results. For example if you are showing an advertisement for an American Express card, in addition to a Disney advertisement, you may be doing too much and not getting the highest number of leads. LinkShare is one of the largest and most-respected affiliate networks in the world, and they are an excellent option for an online marketer looking to start working with some of the more well known brands and products. Having a network of over 10 million affiliates, there is a reason as to why it remains as one of the top networks in the world.

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