Is fiverr good for link building?

Is fiverr good for link building?

A few months ago I started trying out different fiverr services and wrote an article called the Best Fiverr Seo gigs. Since then I have bought over 30 services there and decided to write yet another article about my opinions on fiverr and how good it is for link building.

Fiverr has one main advantage: it’s cheap, or is it? Today I left my second negative feedback to a service provider, because he promised 10k backlinks and after getting the report I wasn’t really impressed. The problem was that the service page didn’t have any clear details about what kind of backlinks these are. In fact I got some links from stats sites, which can be done for free if you have scrapebox. Most links didn’t work or were nofollow. My current fiverr account looks like this:

However you can also find a few gems on fiverr, but you will have to try out many weak services until you find a good one.

Conclusion: never use fiverr for your “money” site. I have use the fiverr services to try out different things on a few micro niche sites. Fiverr is full of low quality services and you should think twice before using any of them. The best way is to buy a service on your mini site and if you think it’s good enough buy it again for your money site.

Did you ever use fiverr? Do you know a similar site?

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  1. Thanks for Fiverr service review for backlinks,,just like to add ,even if this person did add hundreds of backlinks to your site,it would probably raise a red flag with Google,and your Alexa rate would drop.I know you know this,but others may not.AD

  2. I have launched over 80 jobs on fiverr and only had one disappointment. I started with my mini site and my youtube made it onto page one withing days and has stayed there.

    I read a few good articles about which fiverr gigs for seo are worth while and actual reviews of results. I then bought all of these services for my money site.

    Have had some good videos made for only 5 bucks also…

  3. I try not to be philospher/teacher, but link building does take time. If not done proper way, your site ranking will be dropped in eye of search engines. Instead of spending huge amount of money tosome unknown service,why not to build backlink using:
    1) blog/forum commenting
    2) guest blogging


  4. Its all in the quality of the links and how long it take to publish the links We have an excellent SEO package for small business and affilliate marketers called our Power Marketing Program for $89.95 per month. We do see some search engines and directories that can take 3-4 months to publish the links or index the websites. Sometimes it just takes time… I would say that promising 1ok backlinks sounds too good to be true…

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