Google Manual vs Algorithmic Penalty

Google Manual vs Algorithmic Penalty

With the appearance of the Google Panda update and now with the Penguin update a lot of webmasters got upset because of the many google penalties and the internet is now full with google penalty recovery articles. The problem is that most of them don’t give you enough information and/or are written by people who have never been penalized by google and are just rewriting other articles, giving false recommendations.

If you’ve been following this site, you may have noticed that I haven’t really updated it lately. The reason is that about 1-2 months ago the site was penalized by google and the visitors went down from 100 to 0 a day. Take a look at this video:

There are two types of penalties: manual and algorithmic penalty. I’ve had at least 5 sites penalized this year – that’s 1 site/mo 🙂 – so I “had the honor” to gain a lot of experience with google penalties.

How to know if you have a manual or algorithmic penalty?

If your site is not older then 6 months and you lose at least 70% of your visitors from one day to another, then you’ve probably got penalized by the Google algorithm. According to Matt Cutts these algorithmic penalties are temporary (most of the time), so your site may come back after a few months. This is what happened to this site: it was penalized and after 1-2 months it came back in the rankings.

Manual penalties usually happen to more established websites that rank on the first page of big keywords. The -50 penalty is also a manual penalty (all keywords that were on page 1 will be moved back to page 5).

What to do when you have a penalty?

Most people will tell you to continue building links and adding fresh content, but it all depends on whether you have a manual or algorithmic penalty.

If you have an algorithmic penalty:

  • don’t submit a reconsideration request, because you were penalized by a computer and not by a human
  • you can continue building links and adding fresh content, but it’s not necessary. After getting a penalty from google I haven’t even touched this blog and it has still got depenalized.

If you have a manual penalty:

  • try to find the problem, fix it and then ONLY THEN submit a reconsideration request. If you don’t fix the problem nothing will happen.

Have you ever been penalized by google? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I was just curious if you tried a redirect on the sites that had a manual penalty? If so, what were your results?

  2. I am new to affiliate marketing and I recently purchased the “google sniper 2.0”. I’m haven’t finished reading the e book, but I’m wondering if some of these tactics would be get my site penalized. i.e. “keywording”. Let me know what you think.

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