Does Google pass rankings after a 301 redirect

Does Google pass rankings after a 301 redirect

There are situations where you simply have to use a 301 permanent redirect. If you’ve started your internet marketing career with a free subdomain on a free host, then you need to redirect the site to a real domain as soon as possible.

I have never really used 301 redirects before, but a few months ago one of my websites got penalized, and from experience I know that these kind of penalties would never expire. After doing some research I found out that a 301 redirect passes pagerank (partially or all of it) and it also passes rankings.

I have also read, that if your site gets penalized and you 301 redirect it to another site, you will get the old (before penalty) rankings back.

So I decided to redirect my penalized website to a new domain to see what happens. Since then there was no PR update, but I also forgot what the PR was on the old domain. However I can confirm, that I didn’t get my rankings back, even worse, I didn’t get back the rankings which I had after the penalty.

I did rank for some keyword I haven’t ranked before, but that’s not worth mentioning.

FACT: Google does not pass the rankings after a 301 redirect.

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  1. That’s assuming that all of the links that were pointing at the previous website were without penalty/issues. A better approach would have been to contact the domains linking to you, and ask them to link to your new domain – as long as they were without penalties themselves.

    That being said, Google does pass authority through 301 redirects. There is a large amount of debate on how much, but Matt Cutts himself has stated that they carry over the majority of it.

    • Usually my sites (mainly money sites) have thousands or tens of thousands of links. It’s easier to make/rank a new site then contacting all the other sites to ask them for a link change.

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