Best Post-Penguin Anchor Text Optimization

Best Post-Penguin Anchor Text Optimization

If you are an internet marketer you always have to check your competition. This way you will have a better understanding of how google works, how and why some sites rank high and why some sites get penalized.

The truth is that since the Penguin update the anchor text diversity gained more importance. I took the time to analyze many websites in some big niches and I found some  similarities. Here are some screenshots:

This website ranking #1 for one of the most competitive keywords on the internet. As you can see the most used anchor text is the brand name.

This is another great website which I am analyzing  with no signs of penalty and with stable rankings for years already. Two of the top 3 keywords are brand names.

Yet another high quality site with very good rankings in google. As you can see they are also using the brand name as anchor text. I can go on with a list of the best ranking sites all using the brand name as anchor.

Examples for brand names are: mysite,, my site.

Random keywords are: click here, this site, John’s site, this page.

The main keyword is the “money making keyword” of the site. For example “payday loans”.

As a conclusion we can say, that having the brand name at least once in  your top3 most used anchor texts is really important. The big sites are doing it, so it must work and it looks really natural. Don’t forget to also use some random keywords. If a stranger finds your site and decides to share it with a friend will he say “check out these HD wallpapers 1600×1200”? No! He will say “check out this cool wallpaper site”.

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