Best Poker Affiliate Site

Best Poker Affiliate Site

Not many of you know, but I started as a poker affiliate and I am still in this business. Poker and Casino are one of the best paying niches and everybody should have a gambling site. If you sign up directly through the official affiliate sites you will get around $50 to $75 CPA per player.

CPA is always the best payment form, because you get something for your effort straight away. $75 CPA is pretty good, but I know a company that offers you an ever higher CPA. has been around for a few years and they have poker CPAs up to $200 and casino CPAs even higher. I have not found any other company in the last 5 years, that can give you a better CPA deal. All Hyperaffiliates deals are currently stopped. Please take a look at PokerAffiliateWorld another great poker cpa site.

Just imagine, even if you bring only 5 players a month that’s $1000. I have to mention that the poker niche is one of the most saturated markets and it’s not that simple to rank sites for good keywords, but with such a high CPA it’s worth giving it a try.

Check out PokerAffiliateWorld

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  1. CashCrate is a good site and it actually works- I’ve been a member of their site for almost a year and have received several checks from them…

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